The Overview to retrofit Aozoom Projector kit in Geely Emgrand GL

The manufacturing facility Geely Emgrand GL front lights is developed with halogen bulb. As all know, the illumination of halogen bulb is as well dim to drive. Higgins makes a decision to upgrade his front lights with projector.

We helped him construct a proper modification prepare for his headlight. Every brand cars and truck front lights has its own characteristic, the tuning and also the aftermarket devices are not the very same. The Geely headlight retrofit with Aozoom HID bulb as well as Aozoom bi xenon projector.

Open the auto, took off the bump to yank the headlight assemble. Made a protective covering on the cover of the housing and afterwards placed it right into the oven for regarding ten mins. 

That can safeguard the headlight cover as well as obtain the bi led projector retrofit out quickly. Gotten rid of OEM fronts lights that were resealed using silicone, it is hard to do it. After open them up, remove the OEM projector.

Install Aozoom bi xenon projector into the housing. Due to the fact that the aftermarket projector is not the comparable to the manufacturing facility one, we require to remove the outside part to fit the housing. 

When the installment were all done, check the light beam pattern to conform to the standard. After ending up the light examination, fix the housing with cool gule to prevent leakage. And then heat the glue in a consistent temperature. The headlight housing can stick to the base carefully, and placed the screws at the same time.

The tuning is all done, the cutoff is bright than Higgins's envision. He was pleased to the modified headlight. That he can drive on road to see a lengthy distance, and with a wide variation to prevent an unneeded accident.



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